“No language, just sound, that's all we need now. To synchronise love to the beat of the show.”


The Lumes are the latest of impressive prospects blossoming within Rotterdam's rich fringe music scene, thanks to their spectral and feverish brand of post-punk. The Lumes' driving creative force is singer/guitarist Maxime Prins, who acts as the group's manic lightning rod on stage. Watching this band perform almost feels like witnessing an exorcism, with Mitchell Quitz and Lennard van der Voort's razor-wired pounce burrowing dark echo-chambers that vindicate Prins's harrowing, angst-laden outbursts.






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The Lumes



Katzwijm Records, 2015



The Lumes is een geheel nieuwe band in de Katzwijmstal. Drie mannen uit Rotterdam die in de traditie van Joy Division, DIIV, Ride en Nirvana hun eigen drive vorm geven in duistere, nihilistische muziek.

Muziek noirrrr...


RELEASE >> 10 september in V11